Craig Donaldson
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Fresh, melodic songs with uplifting and positive messages dominate this record ... 

... while some of the best musicians in Nashville provide the perfect complement to Craig’s silvery voice.

Craig's Albums
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Featuring "Moonlight Marvel" and "We Dance And Sing"
'Hang In The Balance' garnered for Craig Radio Indy's prestigious Grindie Award, and the single, 'My Heart's In The Right Place', was the 7th most added song on Adult Contemporary Radio's Friday Morning Quarterback Report - placing him ahead of Brad Paisley and Britney Spears and giving him an overall ranking in the Top 100 (95) ahead of Taylor Swift and Chris Isaak. 
Featuring "I Love To Dance With You"  
... also featuring "Under The Night Sky" and "Just A Few More Miles" seen on Indiana Jack's YouTube video ...
Reminiscent of Phil Vassar, Dan Seals, Vince Gill, Rascal Flatts and the Eagles ...

... with a modern Nashville sound, listeners will find this record refreshing yet familiar. ​
Once again, Craig has found his sweet spot - - blurring the line between Adult Contemporary and Country.
"Instantly appealing .. a delicious feast .. Say It Out Loud from Craig Donaldson carries spirit of Neil Young and The Eagles" - -  Stacey Zering, No Depression Magazine, July 21, 2017